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Commercial Services

Our services begin with a free consultation. During that time, we will assess and determine the exact needs of your business, including interior and/or exterior environments.

Our services are designed according to the needs of your business. Frequency is determined during the consultation. It can be daily, weekly, or monthly during business hours or after hours. We work around your schedule and business needs.

We only use hospital-grade chemicals that are designed to eradicate flu, cold, HIV, and other bacteria and viruses. This is extremely important during the cold and flu season to help improve your office productivity.

We use a color-coded cleaning system to prevent cross contamination which means we will not use the same items to clean your bathroom as we do your customer contact areas. This is not an industry standard but just another way TMD Commercial Cleaning exceeds industry standards and practices.

Janitorial Service

Providing a wide array of customized janitorial solutions!

Floor Cleaning

We offer full service floor cleaning services for commercial clients from tile to carpet we have you covered!

Post Construction

Have your building delivered on time the right way!

Free Consultation

Contact us today for a free consultation.

There are many factors that impact pricing. Frequency, size, and required services all will vary. No two businesses are the same.

Services can be ordered separately based on need.

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